First minimal IP OSINT tool from

We’re happy and proud to publish our first ever tool. From our experiments and research we made a small yet powerful and useful abuse IP information tool. The tool is powered by AbuseIPDB which stores abuse information of IPs under different categories.

Using the APIv1 we have made our IP_Info V1 tool and is now available for use.

IP_Info V1 on the beta page

For using the tool just visit the link and enter an IP. Currently details such as IP ISO code, country name, Whitelist status, Abuse score from records of past 90 days.

In the future update of V1.1 we’ll add details like latest abuse details, provide users to fetch data for certain time period, IP abuse comments and category of abuse.

In the next version we would move to APIv2 for more reliable data. Till then feel free to use the tool. For developers who would like to check out the script on GitHub click here. Also feel free to use it and we’ll be happy to see pull requests. Feedback and comments are welcome! If you liked it give us a Star on GitHub page.

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