Bypassing App Lock on any Android device

With rapid growth of android smartphone industries, the number of android smartphone users are increasing on fast scale. With growing digital trend, the security of these devices are highly essential as all your data is stored in your phone. Spying others phone is also easy.

Suppose you have a lot a private, confidential, personal photos in your phone. Be it your newspaper articles, college notes, screenshots, selfies, pics of your girlfriend/boyfriend, and other secrets….. You probably would use an App locker installed on your phone.

Now you would want to bypass your friend’s phone app lock to find out who their crush or girlfriend/boyfriend is. The basic methods I share with you might help you.

Ok first let me install an App lock on my phone from playstore. I choose the famous AppLock by DoMobile Lab.

Ok now I locked my Gallery app. By default AppLock locks the Settings app also.

We have to take advantage of user who makes mistakes of not locking other apps through which files can be accessed.


Things that usually work.

  1. Access Play Store to install alternate Gallery or File Manager.
  2. Safe Mode and uninstall App Lock.
  3. From installed File Manager which is not locked.

Since everyone knows these methods I’ll move on to this one. This is a fail-safe trick that works if the Chrome browser is not locked. Wait before you lock, checkout the trick, try it out.

Being good guys we did not install extra software here, so no malware building or nerd stuffs here…

Okay….! So open up Chrome and type this in the search bar.


Now you can view all the internal storage files on your phone. Everything. Yes everything. Hidden files, system files.

We have tested this on the following browsers, you too can try it out. There’s no harm..

  1. Chrome
  2. FireFox
  3. Opera (Not Opera Mini)
  4. Microsoft Edge

Note: This works only if the browser has permission to access files and storage and if the browser is not locked.

Final words: If nothing works, uninstall App Lock from phone. If you can’t do it in safe mode! To protect yourself lock your browser, PlayStore, File Manager.

Above all make sure not to give your phone to others..!

Warning: All contents are only for educational purposes, do not use these methods to interfere others privacy!

Do you know any other ways of bypassing App lock or things that didn’t work or anything that we left out? Please do comment on the post below and let us know!

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