Bypassing App Lock on any Android device

With rapid growth of android smartphone industries, the number of android smartphone users are increasing on fast scale. With growing digital trend, the security of these devices are highly essential as all your data is stored in your phone. Spying others phone is also easy. Suppose you have a lot a private, confidential, personal photos … Read moreBypassing App Lock on any Android device

Find the Operating System of a server using ping and traceroute

It is simply possible to find or understand the OS a server is running on, using Ping and Traceroute scans. Note: There are advanced tools to detect OS type, but this is one simple method that might not just be accurate if┬áthe datacenter routing traffic to a different subnet. Ping is a computer network administration … Read moreFind the Operating System of a server using ping and traceroute

Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day is an annual event and is celebrated on the 30th November each year. It is designed to raise awareness and to promote best practices in Information Security.

CNCD at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Scinece celebrated the Computer Security Day by organizing a talk event. Mr. Sam Abraham, CISO, Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited, Chennai was the speaker of the day.

Students and Staff had an exciting interactive session.

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