How much should you really invest for an antivirus?

The most common question that every windows user would ask me is, “How much should I invest for an antivirus software?”

There’s no point in saying that you don’t need an antivirus, but there are so many choices, free versions, cheap ones, costly ones…. Which one to choose?

It all depends on what your need is.

Windows users do basically have an inbuilt antivirus engine called the “Windows Defender”, which had been facing a lot of critics for being useless, but now things have changed after windows 10.

Windows Defender gets new security patches and virus definition updates frequently. And so you have got the basic threat protection. It does have firewall, smart screen which monitors new to be installed apps, etc…..

Windows Firewall did face a lot of controversies and majority of the world don’t rely on it! Even me 😛

Well what’s with a 3rd party antivirus software?

Antivirus softwares from Norton, McAfee, Avast, KasperSky, Sophos, etc… does the basic things Windows Defender does. All these score the same in virus detection rates, but these antiviruses are more than what it says. It includes it’s own firewall, has web protection, email protection, auto updates (including all windows and other installed critical software updates), Parental control, remote control, backups, etc…

Each security vendor provides such features for different price. While purchasing one you might have to compare all the available antiviruses. But on the top first decide what you would need. An antivirus which offers more features might not be the best. For example, you might updates your system automatically, or you don’t need parental control because it might be your business or personal device.

There are many things that you would have to consider first before you get an antivirus. So sit down and do some research about all the antiviruses out there. Then list down what you need and find out what each antivirus offers and look for reviews provided by its users. After you are all satisfied get it for yourself. Sometimes for your need you would only need a free version.

If you are still confused or you have any suggestions to tell or maybe something that would be helpful to other readers which I would have missed out please do write down in the comment section below.


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  1. Haa! It’s pretty sad of windows users. Get a macbook like me and be happy without spending money on those spooky antivirus softwares! Lol!

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